Aiken Weiss SOC - camera/steadicam operator

"Be the change you want to see in this world " - Gandhi

Growing up in beautiful Bavaria I was surrounded by meadows and fields, rolling hills and forests. I love pretty much everything that has to do with the outdoors as long as it is environmentally mindful. I went to school in Freising (our WEIHENSTEPHAN brewery is the oldest on the planet - founded in 1040 !!) and later studied Architecture in Munich. While studying I got involved in a business that would change my professional direction – I worked as a sound and camera assistant before I started working as a freelance D.P. and videographer for basically all German and some international TV stations in 1991. I mainly shot documentaries, commercials, life shows etc.


In 1992 I came to Los Angeles for 2 years. I dove into the film world and worked as a 1st / 2nd Assistant Cameraman on features, commercials and music videos. A few times a year I flew back to Munich to keep shooting. In 1994 I moved back to Munich for a great job offer which kept me very busy and in Germany.

Spring 1997 changed everything. I took the steadicam workshop in Malibu with Garrett Brown. Being intrigued and faszinated by this wonderful piece of equipment I knew I was hooked. With Garrett as my head instructor I had not only the pleasure to get to know one of the most wonderful people in the business but found a mentor and source of inspiration.

I have been living in the US and Canada since 1998 and have been operating and shooting for over 23 years (18 years steadicam) pretty much anything all over the world – on land, in the air and underwater. Features, TV series, commercials, music videos, underwater productions (I am Dive Master # DM-163635), the occational documentaries and much more.


In summer 2014 my wife and I moved to the Big Apple and made this wonderful and exciting place home for years to come.


I am a member of
- the Cinematographers Guild (IATSE, local 600),
- the Society of Camera Operators (S.O.C., Board Member 2008-2010)
- the Steadicam Operators Association (S.O.A.)


I am a US/German Dual National (US & EU passports) and fluent in English and German.